Eugenia Alonso

Eugenia Alonso was a licensed child psychologist in Mexico where she owned a learning center and taught young children from the age of 1 to 4 years old. She enjoyed impacting the lives of young children and was experiencing great success; however, her own children went to school in the United States and the traveling back and forward took time away from her job and family.

She was tired of missing out, so she decided to move to the United States and open a daycare from her home. Her motivation was to own a business that would support her family and create a quality learning environment for children.

Royal Piaget Academy grew rapidly  and Eugenia saw the need to expand in order to accommodate her waitlist. She approached her bank where a loan officer referred her to LiftFund. At LiftFund, Eugenia received the funding she needed to rent a commercial location and make Royal Piaget Academy a certified childcare development center.

Eugenia is proud of the growth she experienced at the new location, from 12 to 42 children served but she is not done yet. She continues to work with LiftFund on her growth journey, and is currently seeking additional funds to renovate her daycare and add new stands and more teaching material. Her goal is to get her current location to full capacity, 61 children, and open a second location to be able to serve more kids in her community.

We are proud to have Eugenia as a member of our LiftFund community and help her reach her business goals.