NYSE Euronext program to benefit Accion Texas

From: Chron.com By David Hendricks

Accion Texas, the nation’s largest micro- lending nonprofit group, which operates two Houston lending offices, will receive $475,000 from a new pool of loan capital being created by New York-based NYSE Euronext, Accion Texas said Wednesday.

The money will come from the Accion NYSE Job Growth Fund, which is part of the NYSE Big StartUp, an initiative announced Wednesday meant to encourage large corporations to donate to and mentor small businesses.

NYSE Euronext, which operates several stock exchanges including the New York Stock Exchange, is kicking off the Accion NYSE Job Growth Fund with an initial $1.5 million donation.

From that initial donation, San Antonio-based Accion Texas will receive almost one-third, $475,000, for lending purposes. The rest of the NYSE Euronext donation will be divided among the other four small-business lenders in Accion’s U.S. network.