Janie Barrera: The Impact of Microfinance in the United States

Aug 19, 2015

This episode is with LiftFund founding President and current CEO Janie Barrera.  She is a leader and true changemaker in the field of microfinance in the USA, and has built a career on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners from low income and underserved areas achieve success. LiftFund has made over 15,000 loans totaling over $180 million dollars, all while maintaining an impressive 96% repayment rate. Since just 2013, these loans have helped create almost 11,000 jobs, retailed thousands more, and have been found to lead to a 75% survival rate for the small businesses recieving loans from LiftFund.

Impact investing and mircofinance have a long history together – often intertwined in the origin of both fields, and used as case studies for measuring impact.  If you have any interests, questions or even doubts in microfinance, and are curious about its applications in the United States; I highly encourage you to listen to this interview.

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