Business Owner Is Breaking Education Barriers

Education shouldn’t have boundaries, that was the mindset behind Sophie Macey’s business, Bayou City Interpreting. Bayou City Interpreting is rooted in Humble, Texas and specializes in American Sign Language interpretations in children’s classrooms.

Sophie learned ASL as a child to communicate with her deaf cousin, Yasmin. She decided to expand her passion for American Sign Language education when she worked at an elementary school and noticed the lack of interpreters.

Bayou City Interpreting was a profiting business in its first quarter and Sophie was able to hire six interpreters. However, her business suffered a setback when Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast.

Unsure of how she would make ends meet, Sophie turned to banks and credit union, but was rejected. Luckily, she found LiftFund through her local Chamber of Commerce and was able to make payroll the day before it was due.

Bayou City Interpreting was in a tough spot, but now it’s back to business as usual. Sophie hopes that Bayou City Interpreting will continue to grow and help children in the community.

Entrepreneurs like Sophie walk through our doors each day. LiftFund is happy to be a resource for business owners. Need help? Let’s work together!

For more information on Bayou City Interpreting, visit this link.