Accion’s 4th Annual Business Symposium

Posted by Steffany Gutierrez on 18th October, 2011

The ACCION 4th Annual Business Symposium featured business leaders, entrepreneurs and business professionals at the Pearl Stable.

The event consisted of a business competition along with motivational talks and a chance for business leaders and entrepreneurs to network.

ACCION Women’s Business Center along with Celina Pena, ACCION Texas Inc. vice president of business support, hosted the event. C ompetition finalists Britanie Olvera, CEO of Building Team Solutions, Garrett Heath, co-creator of Sparkatour, and Elisa Riebling, founder of Elisa Riebling Ministries, highlighted their business vision in a series of short videos presented to the audience. Competition judges San Antonio Business Journal’s Andi Rodriguez, NSIDE magazine’s Eliot Garza, and Good Tastes’ Tanji Patton, also quizzed the finalists about their work and business vision.

After watching the three finalists’ videos and listening to their pitches, the audiences texted in their votes for their favorite business pitch.

The winner, Elisa Riebling of ER Ministries , received over $5,000 in prizes including a $2,500 check, an app developed by SWEB and free six month hosting for her ministry’s website.

ER Ministries’ noble mission is to change lives through prayer, outreach and crisis intervention. Its goal is to help those in need in order to break cycles of abuse and poverty.