Access to healthy food is a priority in our communities. We know food plays a vital role to the success of a corner store to a school. Whether you are needing capital to expand your fresh food in your market, opening a vegan restaurant, or needing capacity as a wholesaler or distributor, we are here to assist your fresh food growth needs.

A loan designed to support fresh food entrepreneurship in retail, packaging and innovation. The LiftFund Fresh! loan ranges from $500 to $250,000. The purpose of the Fresh! loan is to provide business loans to businesses that are currently and/or incorporating fresh food products and services.

Interest rates range from 7.5 to 15%

The financing is for startup and established businesses and can be a legal for profit or nonprofit business. The operations of the business must be in a food desert or in a county considered persistently poor.


The Fresh loan can be used for:

  • Marketing a new healthy product
  • Purchasing refrigeration for mobile food retailers, wholesalers and distributors
  • Supporting convenience stores and grocers expansion of fresh produce with refrigeration and freezers and equipment;
  • Startup and acquisition capital to create healthy food stores/products in a food deserts


Find out if you qualify:

Click here for more information about food deserts.

We also provide the Fresh! Loan in partnership with relationships in our communities, like Persistent Poverty.

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