Meet Melissa Fields, owner of Shades of Gray Design

Melissa Fields’ dream is to create sustainable environments for clients through interior design.

After retiring from the Air Force in 2018, Fields decided to start her interior design company, Shades of Gray Design. She expresses that from an early age, she “loved everything interior design.” Always rearranging her room and playing with different colors, design has always been her passion.

Shades of Gray Design started with staging, but Melissa soon realized that this was not the direction she wanted to take her business. Melissa did her research and attended multiple workshops and seminars to help expand her knowledge. After a period of discouragement, she decided to look into rebranding, which included a new website, and business coach.

She attended a LiftFund Business Event and received an email about LiftFund’s Women Veteran Entrepreneurship Training (WVET) Program. LiftFund provided a personal business coach where Fields was able to discuss how to grow her business through guided sessions. “I could not have done this on my own.” She was able to narrow her target audience while staying on track with her business goals.

Melissa shares that the process has not been easy. To stand up to challenges, and as a female veteran, she has taken her experience in the military and has applied it to being an entrepreneur. Discipline and structure from her former commanders has helped shape her business tremendously.

Today, Melissa hopes to continue to build her business and serve the San Antonio and neighboring community through her passion and skills.