LiftFund Helps Build Up Construction Business

Maleknaser Akhtari is a proud father and business owner– he’s successfully owned and operated Caspian Construction, a general construction business, for 20 years.

Though he has built an incredible life for himself in El Paso Texas,  he appreciates his success more because of his humble beginnings.

As a young man, Maleknaser started a construction company in Iran, but he was thrown in prison for his political dissent.  He eventually escaped in 1999– with his family following him several months later– to start a new life, but he was unable to find a job near his family’s home in El Paso.

After several years of supporting his family through his construction work in California, he returned to his El Paso– without connections or knowledge of Spanish. Fortunately, a friend and fellow entrepreneur referred him to LiftFund for financial help.

Maleknaser was able to secure the funds needed to purchase new tools, and discovered that LiftFund could help him connect with a new business network.

“The loan I got from LiftFund was really helpful; I’ll never forget that,” Maleknaser said. “I wasn’t asking for a million dollars, but at that moment for me, it was a lot. They helped me when I needed it,”

Since then, Maleknaser has approached LiftFund again for working capital to fulfill contracts and to purchase additional equipment.

LiftFund is proud to offer opportunities to entrepreneurs and business owners alike. Our goal is to provide the business resources, tools and loans to make as big of an impact as possible. We’re here to lift businesses when they need it the most!