Entrepreneur launches commercial kitchen space to help local Chefs

Welcome to our entrepreneur blog!

Every month we are highlighting determined and hard-working entrepreneurs who are following their passion and creating businesses to support their communities. Learn more about our clients’ milestones and successes through our #EntrepreneuroftheMonth blog posts. This month’s #Shepreneurofthemonth is Tracie Shelton, owner of Alamo Kitchens.

Tracie joined our Break Fast & Launch program with intentions of increasing her knowledge and ability to support her small business clients, while gaining some insight for her eventual plan to start one of her own, Alamo Kitchens.

As a committed participant in the program, Tracie was happy to spend her time developing a sustainable business plan. Her idea, to provide a shared kitchen space for small culinary businesses owners, went on to be a winner in our 2018 pitch competition, Venture Challenge. With her winnings, she was able to purchase the necessary commercial-grade equipment needed to open and operate Alamo Kitchens.

In reflection, Tracie sees herself as, “a dream-maker. I just needed someone to push me and to say it,” she says. “LiftFund sets you up to be successful.”

Tracie has recently accepted an interest-free loan from LiftFund, in partnership with the City of San Antonio, to help her build and improve her credit history. She understands that good credit is necessary as she works towards her future goals of expanding and incorporating food education for children into her business model.

LiftFund is proud to share in Tracie’s journey and help her reach success. “I needed a team. LiftFund are members of my team who want me to do well. I can trust them because I believe in them,” says Tracie.

To learn more about Alamo Kitchens, visit: http://alamokitchens.org/