Engineer-Turns-Business Owner With LiftFund’s Buy Down Program

Michelle Quiroz worked as a successful engineer for nearly a decade before she was inspired to become an entrepreneur and open her own business.

She decided to pursue her passion for coffee by learning the craft – from roasting and brewing the coffee to developing a business strategy.

“I recognize women in STEM careers as well as business entrepreneur are needed to be an example, to mentor, and lead the next generation,” Michelle said.

When it came time to put her business strategy into action, Michelle realized she needed working capital to cover new inventory and startup costs. She soon found LiftFund, where she was able to secure a loan through our 0% Interest Buy Down Program.

This loan, a partnership effort between LiftFund and the Development Corporation of McAllen, allowed Michelle to launch her business, Reserva Coffee Roasters in late 2017.


Photo by PhotographRGV


“Through realizing my dream I hope to be an inspiration for others to pursue their dreams,” she said.

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