Woman Owned Chemical Company Achieves Success With LiftFund Support

In the past 20 years, the number of women-owned businesses has increased by 114% according to a 2018 SCORE report. LiftFund and the Women’s Business Center has worked with many women looking to make a change in their lives, and Aleia Shipman’s story is a great example of the passionate women we support.

In 2016, Aleia knew she needed to make a change not only for her but for her three children Gavin, Giyah, and Gerrisyn. She had been working in sales at a chemical company for 10 years helping the owner grow the business despite the resistance to her creative ideas and solutions. Aleia turned her frustration into opportunity and decided to branch out on her own – that’s when she founded 3G Chemical Solutions, LLC.

3G Chemical Solutions prides itself on being an environmentally-friendly chemical company by offering biodegradable products including concrete cleaners, degreasers, deodorizers and much more.

Aleia originally ran the business inside her apartment, but she outgrew the space quickly and moved to an office space. Fortunately, sales picked up even more and she found herself with a good problem — her demand had surpassed the room she had to create supplies.

LiftFund helped Aleia secure an $11,000 microloan to expand her company with a warehouse and office space lease and grow her business to serve various locations in Georgia and Alabama.

Aleia also finds time to give back to her community and often participates in speaking engagements for students and women aspiring to enter the sales industry.

“I am proud that I stepped out there and did it even though this is a male dominated industry and I’m a minority female—I stuck to my [goals],” says Aleia.

LiftFund is proud to support women entrepreneurs like Aleia as they reach for their dreams every day. In addition to our online support services and loan products, we also have two Women’s Business Center locations in San Antonio and Dallas, Texas. Reach out to one of our team members and let’s make your dreams a reality.