Welcoming our new Economic Mobility member to the LiftFund team

LiftFund is excited to announce a new addition to the LiftFund team! Thanks to our partnership with AmeriCorps, Brittney Jitsuyama is joining the team as a Data Analyst Aide. She will use her technical skills to support LiftFund’s  mission to advocate for small business owners in our communities.

Brittney will be working closely with the business support team, and other economic mobility members to contribute to our efforts to inform, aid, and lift the underserved communities we serve.

Learn more about Brittney and previous experience below!

Brittney Jitsuyama

Data Analyst Aide

Brittney is currently enrolled at Texas Women’s University’s graduate program with plans on graduating next spring 2023. She has worked in many fields, including military, banking, and hospital settings. She enjoys playing video games, cooking, knitting, and spending time with her husband and pets. 

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