PPP Loan deadline extended – you still have time to apply!

The new deadline to apply is August 8th and LiftFund is accepting applications for this program until August 6th. Click here to begin your application today!

A big thank you to our friends at the La Vaca & Friends News for covering our application process for the Paycheck Protection Program and how small businesses can still benefit from this federal relief support.

Read the La Vaca & Friends PPP article below:

The U.S. government wants to write your business a big check

You’ve probably heard about the Payroll Protection Program (PPP). Basically, it’s a program under which the Federal government will give your business a big check if you keep people on payroll.

There are very few strings attached. And applying for the check is pretty easy.

As you’ve probably heard, way too much of the PPP money is going to big companies. Not enough of it is getting to the small businesses that are the heart of our neighborhood — the restaurants, salons, coffee bars, shops, and art galleries.

A big reason for that is the way the money is distributed — it flows through banks, and a lot of those banks just don’t pay attention to small businesses. But we’ve got a solution to that.

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