LiftFund receives top ratings from AERIS: 4-star Impact Management and A- Financial Strength and Performance

We are thrilled to share that LiftFund has received a 4-star Impact Management Rating and an A- Financial Strength and Performance Rating from AERIS Ratings. These ratings provide a comprehensive evaluation of LiftFund’s social and financial performance and are a testament to our dedication to our impact mission, strategies, activities, and data that guide our lending, programs, and planning.

Our 4-star Impact Management Rating indicates that we fully and effectively use our resources in pursuit of our impact mission. Additionally, our processes and systems accurately track comprehensive data on an ongoing basis, including both output and longer-term outcome metrics, and we can provide data showing positive changes in achieving our impact goals.

The A- Financial Strength and Performance Rating, indicates that we have strong financial strength, recent performance, and risk management practices relative to our size, complexity, and risk profile.

The AERIS methodology can be applied to any type of mission-driven entity or program, making it a valuable tool for investors, lenders, and other stakeholders to assess the impact and financial stability of community development financial institutions (CDFIs) like LiftFund.

We are proud to receive these ratings from AERIS and look forward to continuing our mission to provide credit and resources to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals who do not have access to traditional financing. LiftFund strive to make a difference in the communities we serve and we are committed to delivering on our promise to provide financial support to underserved communities.

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AERIS Impact Ratings assess the pursuit and achievement of social mission as evidenced by programs and strategies, use of resources, and how impact is measured and informs the refinement of those programs and strategies. The AERIS methodology can be applied to any type of mission-driven entity or program.

AERIS Financial Ratings assess capitalization, asset quality, management, earnings, and liquidity—often referred to as a ‘CAMEL’ assessment. The AERIS methodology evaluates financial strength and risk in the context of the community finance sector, and does not use statistically-generated benchmarks due to the limited size of the sector, the wide variety of business models and operating environments.