Gluten-Free Bakery Expands With LiftFund

Larissa Wilson grew up baking her grandmother’s recipes. After she was diagnosed with celiac disease, and her daughter, Hannah, with food and nut allergies, she became determined to live a normal life.

She quickly began adapting her grandmother’s recipes and testing her gluten-free baking skills, which inspired Hannah’s idea: to open a bakery and bring gluten-free sweets to the community.

Larissa opened Hannah’s Gluten Free Bakery in 2014. Business continued to grow, but Larissa was unable to secure a traditional loan from her bank. Fortunately, a loan advisor referred her to LiftFund, where she received a business loan to purchase baking equipment needed to grow her business.

“For my family, baking is the language of love,” Larissa said.  “This is just the first small step.”

Today, Hannah’s gluten-free goods can be found at the retail store, several Dallas farmers markets, and the family expects the business to continue to expand.

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