5 Customer Service Tips For Success

April 27th, 2017

Today consumers are more demanding and the fear of negative reviews shapes business decisions. While larger companies can struggle in providing top-tier customer service, small business owners have consistently delivered superior customer experience. This is because as a small business, people are less a number, and instead seen as the lifeblood of not just the business, but the community.

As an entrepreneur, it’s vital that your business develop a strong customer service skill set. From the leadership down to your employees, a customer-centric mindset needs to be carried through every level.

The tips below should help new business owners understand what’s most important when it comes to dealing with customers.

Build Rapport With Your Customers
People never like being treated like numbers, and as a small business you have the advantage of getting to know your customers. Remembering names, remembering purchase habits, talking to them and getting to know a bit about their families generates a true relationship. It also creates a sense of loyalty because they feel appreciated and that can go a very long way.

Treat Every Customer With The Same Level of Service
While you may get to know your regular customers, it’s important to treat every customer the same. When someone new walks in, they should be treated as if they are a regular customer. This minimizes the feeling of not feeling welcomed when they do business with you. Every customer is an opportunity for a long-term relationship.

Listen to Customer Feedback
Having a way for customers to provide feedback is vital. But actually doing something with that feedback makes them feel like they have a stake in your business. Listening to feedback can tighten the relationship and create devotees that will not only continue to shop at your business, but tell their friends.

Be A Problem Solver
Too often the needs of a customer go unheard. Problems arise, and they are often swept under the rug or immediate gratification is sought to keep moving through the day. Instead of just moving over problems, be a real problem solver. Whether it’s with your team, your sales process, how you display your product, just be sure that your ready to find ways to make things easier for them.

Build An Experience
The customer journey is the most overlooked part of all businesses. Very few companies can truly say that their customers don’t just buy the product/service, but have an experience with them. This is a great way to separate yourself from your competitors. Once you know what your customers, it’s much easier to define the experience that you want them to have so they walk away happy.

As a business owner, your level of customer service can make or break your ability to sustain and grow. Set yourself up for success with these steps and see the difference.

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