Be a Small Business Champion

Be a Small Business Champion

By partnering with LiftFund, you can close the financial gap small businesses face with LiftFund capital and support.

You play a vital role in the small business community. Take your support to another level by partnering with LiftFund through our programming and referral partnership opportunities. 

In doing so, you’re helping to fill small businesses’ greatest need — access to financial support. When they have capital, they can grow — and when they grow, they spur economic activity and create prosperity in your community.

We take pride in providing business owners a chance to grow their business and create wealth with our business loans and support. Support options:

  1. Refer business owners to LiftFund 
  2. Assist business owners in preparing for loans
  3. Start and grow a small business program with LiftFund 
  4. Collaborate as a business resource

Partnerships create a stronger support system.

Through our partnerships, entrepreneurs access credit, build their financial wellness, and create a pathway to financial and business success. 

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