Internship Postings

  • Liftfund

    Be part of an award-winning team that leads the microlending industry through innovation.

  • Liftfund

    Learn skills in community and economic development.

  • Liftfund

    Gain hands-on experience in marketing, sales, lending and business support.

Interns are vital to our work! Join us in building a stronger small business community today through our microfinance internship program, available in every market we serve.

LiftFund is an award-winning, nonprofit lender that provides small business loans and services to entrepreneurs in 13 states in the U.S. As an alternative lender, LiftFund is committed to assisting startup and established businesses unable to secure business loans from traditional banks.

Established in 1994, LiftFund has built its reputation and processes through talented staff, and has developed a national profile as a leader and innovator in the microlending industry.
Interns and volunteers play a critical role in that success and we welcome dedicated, spirited and bright individuals who are eager to learn about the microlending field, support community and economic development, and take pride in strengthening small businesses. Apply to be an intern today!

LiftFund Small Business Internship Program:

  • Application Process: Submit internship application form along with resume (include three references).
  • Length: 12 weeks or 3 months minimum, but may vary according to the market’s needs
  • Work Hours: 25 hours minimum a week (coordinated with staff)
  • Education: Varies. Must be a college undergraduate or graduate student, or a recent graduate.
  • Internships are unpaid with occasional opportunity for stipends.

Benefits of Our Business Internship Program:

  • Learn skills in community and economic development.
  • Understand alternative financing and the microlending field
  • Understand small business issues
  • Gain hands-on experience in marketing, sales, lending and business support.
  • Customized training in microfinance, field experience, and time spent with expert microlending staff.  This page provides a listing of all internship and volunteer descriptions. Fill out our Internship Application today and submit to