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Business Templates

The business plan is your roadmap to success, whether you are considering starting, in startup mode, or an established business owner. A business plan, in the simplest terms, defines where you want your business to be within a certain period of time and how you plan on getting there. A business plan is as important for starting a business as having eggs for your tacos. Our first tip to folks who begin drafting their business plan is to be realistic and write in a format you are comfortable with.

Informal Business Plan


The informal business plan is a quick snapshot of your goals and your road map. (PDF format)

Formal Business Plan Template


The formal business plan is a template is a guide to complete a full business plan for growing your business… Read More»

Financial Templates

Along with business plans, financial templates are important. They indicate where you stand financially along with your strategy. The two should be linked in many ways. At times we know mapping out financials may be difficult, but we are here to assist you.

To build your financials you should have the following documents ready:

  1. Bank Statements, personal and/or business statements along with savings
  2. Tax Returns
  3. Internal Financial Documents that you use for recordkeeping for both the household and business
  4. Investment information including retirement, savings, and property(ies).
  5. Listing of personal assets owned/paying on (property, vehicles, equipment, etc.)
  6. Listing of all debt balances

Month and Annual Financial Projection Template


With this template you can plug in your monthly personal and business revenues, income, and expenses and it will formulate… Read More»

Income Statement and Balance Sheet Template


This template can be used for both startup and established businesses in projecting or using it for recordkeeping of a… Read More»

Monthly Financial Template


This template allows you to input all your personal and business expenses as a monthly average or taking your past… Read More»

SCORE Projection Template

This projection template is a great tool; it allows you to gather all your ideas and documents and begin formulating… Read More»

Personal Financial Statement


A personal financial statement provides a full picture of your finances: long term debt and assets. This document is important… Read More»

Startup Business Financial Templates


This document can serve as a startup budget and capital budget request. You must be ready to share the uses… Read More»

Monthly Cash Flow (Actual and Estimated)


This template will assist you in recordkeeping. Take time to review your bank statements and transactions daily/weekly/monthly. Upload your numbers… Read More»