Privacy Policy

General Policy

It is the policy of LiftFund to make business purpose loans to small business customers. It is the general policy of LiftFund not to make loans to consumers for personal, family or household purposes. However, from time to time, LiftFund may make an exception to this policy and provide loans to individuals for consumer-related purposes. Except for the notice provision, this privacy policy will govern all loans, whether for consumer or business-related purposes. It will govern all loans originated directly by LiftFund, purchased by LiftFund from another source or loans that are owned by another party and serviced by LiftFund. The privacy notice requirement will apply only to consumer-purpose loans that are originated, purchased or serviced by .LiftFund.

Information Collected

LiftFund may collect information on customers from a variety of sources, including the application completed by the applicant, credit reporting agencies (including consumer reporting agencies), references provided by the applicant, as well as other outside sources. All information collected will be safeguarded according to LiftFund’s Information Security Policy. All information related to consumer loans will be destroyed according to that policy.

Information Sharing

LiftFund will not share any non-public personal customer information with any outside party, or any affiliate, except as permitted by law. No information will be shared with any company for marketing purposes unless the customer approves such disclosure. Customer information used for LiftFund’s own promotional use will be approved in advance by the customer.

Information Security

LiftFund will take all reasonable measures to maintain the security of non-public customer information. Such measures are described in LiftFund’s Information Security policy. This policy will be updated from time to time as necessary to maintain safe and secure information. Employees will have access to customer information on a need-to-know basis only. All employees will receive training on the privacy laws as well as on this policy. All vendors and outside contractors will agree in writing to adhere to our privacy and information security policies prior to their engagement by LiftFund.


A notice that describes this policy will be provided to loan applicants at the time of application if the application is from an individual and the purpose of the loan is forpersonal, family or household purposes. Annually a privacy notice will be provided to each borrower of a consumer-purpose loan, including consumer loans originated, purchased or serviced by LiftFund.

Policy Changes

This policy will be reviewed from time to time and will be amended as necessary.